Our Pricing

Below you will find pricing information as well as other business information about us that you may want to know.

Everyone is required to sign a contract before any work will start this is to protect both of us and everyone knows what is required of them. A Deposit for large projects is required.

Our Pricing

Graphic Design Services are $55 an hour

*Note: This doesn’t include printing cost. A client must have an idea of what they want. All information this includes verbiage and images and a 30% deposit is expected before any work will begin.

On smaller jobs that take up to 3 days or less the deposit is at least one hour paid upfront.

If an image is needed and not provided, the client will be charged per image in addition to an hourly for the time needed to find an image.

Rush jobs will be charged $35 more per hour. Due to the fact that all other project gets pushed back a day or more. (This is on top of the hourly rate of $55 an hour.)

Your project will include three changes after your design has been approved.  After that, you will be charged $35 per change per hour to complete each change.

Who Owns Copyright?

Simply Elegant Graphics retains the right to use any design created in the portfolio, but the client has copyRight of the work only after project has been paid for.

Any design project not coming to a close in a timely manner will be reviewed based on if it is worth keeping the project open. (This means any project continually pushing the deadline back or constantly changing and never coming to completion) Any project deemed not viable will be closed and the client will forfeit all funds paid to that point NOT REFUNDABLE.


Payment is due in full when work is done or project will not be handed over to you.

On larger jobs payment will be split up into small mile marker payments at the end of each. Or maybe a retainer of $1200 a month for year-long design work, would work better for your business.