Logo Design

Logos that I have designed

Over that past few months I have had the opportunity to design Logos for a number of start-up small businesses one logo was for an online company that was in need of a new look for their website called Affordable Afrian Hunts they were in need of a web banner and a icon I found this to be fun and it gave me a chance to Riley be creative and clever and have some fun too. Their colors were black and orange and in about two weeks I came up with a design that they were happy with.


The other logo that I got to design was for a stay at home mom’s blog called mama bears adventure This to was fun and I have included an image of the first proof that I sent to her to pick from some of my ideas. Then I called her and we would talked about them and she told me what she liked about each one and I came up with one excited her expectations with what I came up with.



I’m happy that I was able to do both of them and I know that I can create a logo that would be good for you as well. So go to my contact page and tell me what you are looking for and we can work together and meet it happen for you too. 

Poser Design 11X17

I was called about a possible job and was asked If I would design an 11 X 17 poster to show my layout skills for a contract job.  This is what I came up with. They provided me with all the images and a page of copy and I chose what was most needed.

I got the job but lost it when the client refused to sign the contract. I have learned to always have a contract when doing design work and to get some kind of a deposit.

Pen and Ink Drawing Restoration.

Pen and Ink Drawing Restoration

Pen and Ink restoration for a client. This pen and ink drawing was originally done on rice paper then mounted using rubber cement which overtime leaked through the rice paper and damaged the drawing. The artist was 80 years old and the family wished to have it restored before she died so that everyone in the family could have a copy of it.

I was hired to restore the original work by digitizing and removing the damage so that each member of the family could have a copy of their great aunts drawing.

This project took about 29 hr to complete and when I was finished I was very pleased with my work and so was my client.

Restoration of a Pen n Ink of Train on Rice Paper

Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design For The SCL by Stephen Miller

I was hired to design a book cover and create chapter heading Illustrations for a book called The Santa Claus League By Stephen Miller.

The image in the background was to be a watercolor painting that needed to be digitized and then he wanted me to come up with a font that was close to a font that his friend had come up with.

So I found a font that was as close as possible (with some adjustments) to the example of the rough sketch that I was provided. I then created a Logo for him using the font and made it look like stained glass.

For the Stained glass window Illustration, I took the chapter heading that I designed and created the illustration that’s talked about inside the book and was placed in the back of the book.

Stain-Glass-window Illustration for SCL Book SLC Book Cover Typesetting


Design with Marketing in Mind

Design with Marketing in Mind

My Oil Business

Below you will see examples of some of the work that I did while working with My Oil Business through a program called Business partnerships with Desert Industries sponsored by the LDS church.

My duties included helping My Oil Business marketing department prepare for the do – Terra convention of 2014 while there I met Anna Empey. I assisted by designing marketing materials such as designing a poster for street A-frame signs, banners design, labels design, and helped with there catalog typesetting as well as designing other marketing materials.

my Base banner Product label; My Oil Business/Oil Life.
Magazine ad for my oil business Magazine ad for my oil business