Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design For The SCL by Stephen Miller

I was hired to design a book cover and create chapter heading Illustrations for a book called The Santa Claus League By Stephen Miller.

The image in the background was to be a watercolor painting that needed to be digitized and then he wanted me to come up with a font that was close to a font that his friend had come up with.

So I found a font that was as close as possible (with some adjustments) to the example of the rough sketch that I was provided. I then created a Logo for him using the font and made it look like stained glass.

For the Stained glass window Illustration, I took the chapter heading that I designed and created the illustration that’s talked about inside the book and was placed in the back of the book.

Stain-Glass-window Illustration for SCL Book SLC Book Cover Typesetting



I believe that as a graphic designer I help shape the way people look at the world and I have chosen to use my skills as a designer to uplift and inspire them. Most of my experience is in print design and production design, Using Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop) large print, production design and maintaining My WordPress web portfolio.  I am looking forward to working with a wide variety of clients and creating beautiful designs for them and helping them achieve their dreams of owning a small business. I have been doing graphic design freelance/contract work sense 2006

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